Welcome to my Dimileth fanpage! This ship singlehandedly restored my creative juices. I had a massive creative block in 2019, and when the game came out, I was absolutely enamored with Dimitri and Byleth, and all the fan creations surrounding the pairing motivated me to start creating again - writing, gif-making, graphics, etc. I wanted to make this page as a shrine of sorts and add cute, sparkly pixels for them! Please enjoy your stay here :D

Byleth (Japanese: ベレト or ベレス Byleth) is the avatar unit and protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. During the course of the game they become a teacher at the Officers Academy.

Byleth was born of Jeralt and Sitri, a nun of the Church of Seiros in Imperial Year 1159, in critical condition and not breathing. Rhea took the Crest Stone of Flames from Sitri (who failed to achieve the progenitor god's conscience, and was also in critical condition) and placed it within the infant Byleth's heart, both to save the infant Byleth as well as to try again to reawaken the goddess Sothis; this resulted in Sitri's death. However, this had the consequence of Byleth having extremely little emotion until the goddess started to reawaken around the start of the game. Jeralt, seeing the infant's oddities and fearing Rhea's plans for them, took advantage of a fire to fake both their deaths and fled the monastery. The two spent the next twenty years wandering Fódlan as part of a mercenary troop.

One day, Jeralt's aid is requisitioned by three young nobles under attack by bandits: Princess Edelgard von Hresvelg of the Adrestian Empire, Prince Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and Lord Claude von Riegan of the Leicester Alliance. Afterwards, the Knights of Seiros reunite with Jeralt and convince him to return to the Church, where Rhea offers Byleth a teaching position at the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery. Byleth chooses one of three academic houses to lead: Edelgard's Black Eagles, Dimitri's Blue Lions, or Claude's Golden Deer, and spends the next year teaching them and fighting alongside them.




Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd (Japanese: ディミトリ=アレクサンドル=ブレーダッド Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd) is one of the three main characters, alongside Edelgard and Claude, appearing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is the prince of the Kingdom of Faerghus and the leader of the Blue Lions house at the Officers Academy.

Dimitri is the crown prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. In 1176, he was the sole survivor of the Tragedy of Duscur, in which his father King Lambert and many of his knights and friends were murdered, allegedly by assassins from the Duscur region. This incident permanently warped the young prince, leaving him with a deep-seated grudge against the perpetrators and a hidden capacity for extreme violence, although he always suspected that the people of Duscur had been scapegoated. In the aftermath of the Tragedy, he saved a young Duscur commoner named Dedue from being lynched, leading him to develop an extremely strong sense of loyalty towards Dimitri.

In 1180, Dimitri enrolled at the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery along with several of his friends and people from his kingdom. Around this time, a mercenary named Byleth rescued him from bandits hired by a mysterious masked individual calling themself the Flame Emperor. Byleth was rewarded with a teaching post at the Officers Academy, and their choice of which house to lead would have far-reaching consequences for all of Fódlan.




Here are my Dimileth Neopets!!

I love Neopets, so of course I had to make a Neopets version of them. Here they are!! I love them so much!!

Whenever Dimitri and Byleth aren't busy (which is pretty rare, to be honest), they like to go on fun dates together! They enjoy traveling around and beyond Fódlan while trying new food and hobbies together.



With Byleth's help (and Goddess magic), Dimitri's slowly been gaining his sense of taste back. She encourages Dimitri to try out new food whenever they travel together, though he always maintains Dedue's cooking is his favorite. You can see the cuisines they've tried below!

Faerghan Cuisine

Adrestian Cuisine

Leicester Cuisine

Almyran Cuisine

Duscuri Cuisine

Brigidi Cuisine


Byleth and Dimitri really cherish their time together in White Clouds + Azure Moon, so they wanted to immortalize those moments through purikura! Stickers and frames always make everything cute!!

I'm a really big fan of Yandere Dimileth, especially Yandere Dimitri! This trope is near and dear to my heart, and honestly, I just want a place where I can compile and display yandere-related pixels and pngs with Dimileth lol.

Here are some of the Yandere Dimileth fics I wrote!

  • Visitor
  • This is the first Yandere Dimitri fic and monsterfucking fic I wrote. I'm really proud of this one because I went out of my comfort zone to write this. Also, eggs!

  • we should never have played god
  • I wrote this for the Dimileth Big Bang. I wanted to explore the idea of a Yandere Androidmitri that would do anything to keep Byleth with him. My partner, Minty, made beautiful art for it.

  • show, never tell (but i know you too well)
  • The yandere bit is at the very end of the fic, but I still enjoyed writing 7k worth of smut. I did this for the 2022 Dimileth Winter Exchange.
  • The Unsung Perks of Stranger Danger
  • I wrote this for a recent Dimileth Flash event. I wanted to dive deeper into Dimitri's unhinged psyche, and I had a lot of fun writing this.
  • Rotten Seeds
  • My baby. My absolute baby. My first ever bonafide longfic. I hope I can stick the landing with the ending because I have a LOT planned for this.

Some fun Yanderecore blinkies:

I really feel like Dimitri fits the five major Yandere Classifications in this Yandere chart.

  • Delusional/"Denpa" Yandere
  • This yandere is characterized by their extreme disconnect with reality. They entertain delusions and hallucinations, especially relating to the object of their affections.

  • Possessive Yandere
  • This yandere is fixated on the idea of owning/having/possessing/controlling the object of their affections. They want to be the only person that matters to their love interest.

  • Shackling Yandere
  • This yandere (as expressed in the classification name), wants to shackle themselves to their love interest and vice-versa. Essentially, they embody "let's be together forever" to its literal extreme.

  • Intoxicated Yandere
  • This yandere is obsessed with the object of their affections. Sometimes, this yandere can be content with idolizing their love interest from afar, fixating on a certain aspect of their love interest, or performing self-sacrificial acts of utter devotion for their love interest without shackling them.

  • Love-Hate Yandere
  • This yandere is interesting because the "love" aspect is mixed in with "hate." This yandere embodies "only I can hate/fix/pity you."

How does Dimitri express his love for Byleth?

The on-the-nose obvious answer is violence, of course!

He also wants to make sure they live together happily in their little bubble where no one can touch them.

He may not look it, but he's a hopeless romantic at heart. He's always wanted a fairytale wedding for himself and Byleth.

He also wants to make sure Byleth lives as comfortably as humanly possible.

He always makes sure to tell Byleth every day how much he loves her...

...But if he has to, he has other methods to make sure they can be together forever :)

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